Vintage Sewing: McCall's 2074, a 70's Knit Shift Dress for Kids

McCall's 2074
A few months ago, I took the kid (my step-daughter) to run errands with me at JoAnn's Fabrics. I needed elastic or needles, and told her that she could pick out fabric to sew matching dresses for herself and her little sister. In the months prior, she'd sewn dresses for herself and took them to her other home (being a kid with two homes can't be easy!). She said her little sister was jealous and wanted to wear them, and was sad that they weren't for her. The kid had the sweet idea to sew for her 4 year old sister, to surprise her with a happy dress of her own.

 The kid was hoping to get the dresses finished in time for their birthdays, but it just wasn't happening on her timeline. She lost the sewing mojo after finishing her dress, so I found a pattern and cranked out the little 4 y.o dress in just under an hour, from cutting to finish. We shortened the sleeves and enlarged the neckline, because the kid said her sister has a big head-- but it turns out the enlarged neckline is tooo big, so next time we'll keep it smaller. Her little sister still wears 3T, so we should have sized down the pattern a bit.

McCall's 2074
The pattern assembled quickly and easily, and I'd like to sew it again with the turtleneck. I think it's so cute paired with tights, for a cozy autumn look. Alas, I don't have many small girls in my life to sew for (yet! but my sister's baby is due any day!) so this will probably get put away for a while.

The fabric is 'Stern Bulldog Interlock', a comfy 100% cotton knit. It's still available online, for now.

The kid used our usual Moneta Dress from Colette Patterns to sew her dress-- swapping out the gathered skirt for a half circle skirt to reduce the yardage used, and for ease in assembly because then it doesn't require gathering/inserting elastic. The neckline wasn't stable, so I helped her stabilize it with steam-a-seam before using the twin needle to stitch the fold down. Overall, I think the neckline of the Moneta is too wide, and we should have narrowed it from the get-go.

Moneta Dress, with half circle skirt
I don't have a picture of them in matching dresses, but their mom assures me that Younger Sister is indeed very pleased to match Older Sister, and I'm sure they look adorable together. Next time, we might sew a matching headband for Youngest Sister (9 months old) out of the remaining scraps-- that was the kid's request, if we have enough fabric to do it.


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