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Vintage Sewing: McCall 1371 Winter Hood

Oh hey! I'm cleaning up old blog posts sitting around in draft form and I forgot that I cut this sewing project and then left it sitting somewhere. Where is it? Hmmm.... it's hiding in the sewing room, but until it's found it's dead to me. 
The project is the hood pictured in lower right of this pattern, which was printed in 1949. I had a very cold winter spent commuting to/from Portland and Salem, and the walk from our commuter van always left my ears very cold. I had intended to sew this with a warm flannel interlining, which, now that I think about it is the reason it went on hold. I don't buy flannel!

Oh someday, maybe someday.

Vintage Knitting: Cabled Infant Cardigan (1959 Good Housekeeping)

When I joined the commuter van, one of the most exciting prospects was my newfound time for extra sleep and knitting time. I spend 3+ hours per day traveling to/from work so being able to avoid driving myself was a huge boon! I sit there in comfort, with my neck pillow and two wool blankets (it was winter after all, when I wrote this last year, and being in the back row = poor air circulation), doing whatever I please until I get to work.

Because of the hassle hauling projects to/from the van and home all the time, I had a short period where all I wanted to knit was baby goods. They are quick to knit, easy to carry, rewarding and productive, and so darn adorable. This sweater was no exception! The pattern is from a booklet titled Good Housekeeping Knitting for Baby, and is part of a 3 piece set. I've not yet knitted the corresponding bonnet and mittens, and wasn't exactly planning on it-- but now that I see them all together again, I think maybe I should. I have plenty of this…