Handspun Yarn: AVFKW Blue Faced Leicester wool, undyed

2016 was a good year for me and my spinning wheel-- we became reacquainted and I found my passion for fibery goods again. This is especially great news and rather heartwarming to my husband, who is probably wondering if we should use all of my fiber to insulate our future home. My fiber stash has grown to a gargantuan size, thanks to the many sheep and alpaca fleeces I've acquired, along with a surprising amount of prepared fiber that I haven't spun as quickly as I'd expected.

One of the spinning projects of 2016 included this fiber from A Verb for Keeping Warm, 4 ounces of undyed, brown BFL. While I really enjoy working with wool from raw fleece to spinning, it can be so relaxing and rewarding to just spin something that's completely ready to go.

I spun the yarn worsted style (inch-worming along with my drafting technique), then chain plied it. It was a very straightforward project, in which my aim was consistency in my drafting. My technique is improving!

I'm really happy to see that with concentration, my spinning can move from looking very handspun to looking more "commercial," in its construction-- which is really just code for saying it looks consistent. I don't mind the rustic look of handspun yarn, as I think it lends itself to a certain charm-- but I also don't want to always look lumpy bumpy handmade, particularly when I need to feel warm *and* need to look professional. I anticipate using this yarn for a scarf/shawl of some sort.

Details are also listed on Ravelry in my handspun stash: Natural BFL.


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