Catching up + Vintage Knitting: Bernat No. 758-66 (1958)

Hey! Yo! I've been away from this blog for a verrrry long time, mostly because I haven't had a functioning laptop for ages and I hate sitting at the desk at a computer when I'm not at work. I mean, I sit at a desk 8 hours a day-- I don't want to sit at a desk even MORE when I get home, pounding away at the keyboard and feeling wedded to technology.

Anyway, school is back in session (yeah, still chipping away at that undergraduate degree, with just 22 credits to go after this quarter) and I finally took the plunge on a new laptop so I can do proper homework in the commuter van during all the hours every day I spend just sitting there. 2-3 hours of commute per day justified the purchase, for my sanity-- and for my future free time that I hope to find.

Best part so far? I can multitask and blog while I watch movies! Or procrastinate homework! Or most likely, procrastinate sleep, because there are never enough hours per day to fulfill my dreams AND go to work full time + commute 3 hours per day + go to school full time (online/weekends).


I really did come here to tell you some great news. Remember that 1950' sweater I started knitting wayyyy back in 2012? Yeah, neither did I-- until I found it and decided to finish it! At the point when I stuffed it in a reusable grocery bag and said BYE FELICIA, it had sagging button bands that really angered me, and a collar that had to be sewn on by hand. I hate hand sewing. Let me repeat: I HATE HAND SEWING.

I swallowed my pride and prejudice, ripped out the button bands and re-knitted with significantly fewer stitches-- roughly half, I think. The weight of my contrast yarn (Peace Fleece) was totally wrong for this project, just way too heavy, but for the sake of ever finishing I knew it was too late to change. When I went to my extensive button stash, I ran across those tagua nut (ENDOSPERM!) buttons that I actually bought specifically for this sweater back in Seattle. Rad! I'd forgotten about them too, of course.

It was a quick finish and I'm so glad I did, because I wear it all the time now as my new winter sweater/coat. Details are on Ravelry. I'm trying to get back into posting finished projects online, because it helps me remember personal accomplishments when I look back at the old blog history.

Happy 2017, and hello and goodbye again. Maybe I'll stick around for a while...



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