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Vintage Sewing: Alfred Bach's Basic Pattern and Design by Numbers, a pattern drafting system

While browsing sewing patterns on eBay, I stumbled across a copy of "Design by Numbers," a pattern packet that includes 15 separate neckline designs in 24 different sizes. Feeling skeptical, I zoomed in on the text and found that the pattern itself is an add-on for Alfred Bach's "Basic Pattern" block kit. Intrigued, I hit BUY IT NOW! and zoomed it my way via US Postal Service.

The next item of business was buying the requisite Basic Pattern, which I also found on eBay. Zoom, zoom.

With the help of Etsy's archives of sold items, I found this listing of an original, unused set of the Basic Pattern. It gave me some insight to how the blocks are intended to be used/graded, and what I might be able to expect in my kit.

Internet information about Alfred Bach is spotty with an initial google search; most of what turns up are sale listings for his booklets for various topics including "Shortcuts to Fitting," "How to Drive a Sewing Machine," &qu…

Vintage Sewing: Mail Order / Anne Adams 4885, a 1960's tent / shift dress

Note: This pattern is listed in the vintage pattern wiki as Mail Order 4885, perhaps because it was delivered in a workbasket envelope via postal mail-- but my envelope most definitely said Anne Adams on the cover.

I lost my sewing mojo last year, in part because I've been rather lazy and have gained weight. I make all sorts of excuses about it, but honestly, it's hard to find time to exercise when my commute and work (at a desk) keep me away from home and on my bottom for over 12 hours every day. Once I'm home, there's coursework to do and I just don't seem to find the time to be active.

Meanwhile, I dread making new pattern alterations to fit my current body shape and size, so I've chosen to sew rather shapeless dresses that are comfortable and classic (in a sense). They'll have the added benefit of still fitting once I return to my prior shape and size, since they are sewn to fit through the shoulders. I generally sew bust 32 or bust 34 patterns for the…

Catching up + Vintage Knitting: Bernat No. 758-66 (1958)

Hey! Yo! I've been away from this blog for a verrrry long time, mostly because I haven't had a functioning laptop for ages and I hate sitting at the desk at a computer when I'm not at work. I mean, I sit at a desk 8 hours a day-- I don't want to sit at a desk even MORE when I get home, pounding away at the keyboard and feeling wedded to technology.

Anyway, school is back in session (yeah, still chipping away at that undergraduate degree, with just 22 credits to go after this quarter) and I finally took the plunge on a new laptop so I can do proper homework in the commuter van during all the hours every day I spend just sitting there. 2-3 hours of commute per day justified the purchase, for my sanity-- and for my future free time that I hope to find.

Best part so far? I can multitask and blog while I watch movies! Or procrastinate homework! Or most likely, procrastinate sleep, because there are never enough hours per day to fulfill my dreams AND go to work full time + c…