The Milky Way

This afternoon I read an article posted by PBS, stating that entire generations of urban and suburban dwellers have never seen the Milky Way due to light pollution. 

I am incredibly saddened by the loss of our connection the natural state and wonders of our world. 

I grew up in a place where we often slept outside under the stars for fun, pointing out constellations and following the Milky Way's run across the night sky. On dark summer nights as children, we'd stay up late counting the shooting stars until our heavy eyelids coaxed us into sleep. We would wake up after sunrise, slightly damp from the early morning dew, to the sounds of people moving about their day to begin farm chores-- like grandpa whistling when he came by to pick up one of the kids to go feed cattle with him.

I miss that life. I miss the stars. 


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