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Sewing the Moneta Dress (x 3)

When the Moneta Dress was published in partnership with Colette Patterns and Alyson Clair, I pretty much had a sewing love affair which has continued intermittently because it's now my TNT knitwear dress pattern. It's not new to the sewing scene anymore, but I love it as much now as I did in the very beginning -- it's flattering, easy to alter/swap the skirt, easy to grade between sizes, and a great showcase for fun knit fabric. In this post, you'll see my first three that I sewed right away and I still love these three because of my fabric choices, all of which were found at the thrift store. The paisley dress fabric cost $2 total, and both the sailboats fabric and veggies fabric cost $1 each. In total, the cost of the dress is roughly $5 each, though with each Moneta I sew the "cost" of the pattern is distributed even further amongst all the dresses. I think I've sewn 10+ adult Moneta Dresses, including hacks in which I used Moneta as the base. I'v…

Yarn Haul, 2016


This weekend was a fabulous yarn event in Portland called the Rose City Yarn Crawl, where all these awesome local yarn stores have promotions and sales and special patterns and cookies and drinks and PARTIEEEESS! I've loved knitting for about 8 year, with varying amounts of gusto depending on how much time I have, season, whether I have a knitting group, etc.
Note: nothing can ever replace my Seattle knitting group, but I've finally found a group in Portland that is near my home and full of awesome people. Yay!
Anyway, it was a good weekend in this city for yarn and I decided to do what I do instead-- ignore commercial retail establishments and head for dingy, dark basements with track lighting, collections of mason jars, and the occasional 1970's nudey magazine: ESTATE SALE HEAVEN.
I love good yarn, I really do. I love new, modern brands with ethically sourced wool, naturally dyed or not dyed at all, from rare breeds of sheep in conservation status. But do you know wh…

What's stitchin in 2016.

This blog has all but expired, sitting here collecting dust in the corners of the Internet while I plug away at real life. It's interesting to see the ebb and flow of the blog, and how much more creative/willing I feel to engage in pleasure-writing when I'm not stuck in front of the computer 8 hours a day. I digress, apologetically. 
My point here is to say that for the few followers that may still exist, I do too! And I picked up my knitting needles after months away due to a really dumb story:
In an effort to be more stitchy, I started carrying a knitting project with me for waiting periods throughout my day-- before classes (I'm back in college to finish my undergrad degree), on break at work (still doing social services), and on the bus. 
Like the fart that I am, I LOST, straight up LOST, my exchangeable Addi Lace set-- the entire case of them. I put up lost ads, cried for a minute, and nearly clicked the purchase button online TWICE, but felt shitty for losing another im…