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Banana Bread; 1941 recipe

Roughly 20 years ago, my grandma Bonnie agreed to host 4-h classes at her home for a group of 'neighborhood' girls one summer. We lived on a farm in a rural area of northern Utah and neighborhood is a loose term there, meaning people living within about 5 miles of home. Grandma was one our nearby neighbors-- just a single mile bike ride toward the neighbor's dairy, and up the canal road lined with cattails and wild plums, past the shop that housed all of our farm implements. 

That summer, we rode bikes to her house once a week and learned the basics of baking: the purpose of sifting flour, the correct way to measure flour in a cup, and how/why we should fold the batter of quick breads. My baked goods won a prize ribbon at the county fair that year, and went on to the state fair. Grandma's baking (and her guidance) is just that good!

I learned to bake banana bread from her, a memory I'll cherish forever. When she moved into assisted living this year, her household goo…

Handspun: Merino/Bamboo yarn

I'M BACK! What's the occasion? I drank coffee in the evening.

Many, many months have passed while I've ignored this space. There were times when blogging was a major past-time for me and now it feels like a fleeting memory. I'm considering reviving the space, in large part because this is how I take notes and document my craft-- the details in what I do, the changes I consider making, the troubles I have, and the successes I celebrate. My appreciation for others' blogs continues and I read many faithfully, thankful for their insight, amused by their lives, and glad to have something to do when I have downtime (though, truthfully, my iphone has taken place of knitting in the purse and I have very mixed feelings about the amount of screen time I maintain...).

So, on that note, I've been spinning again and loving my time at the wheel. I bought this fiber eons ago-- the receipt in the original bag I've kept reads Sept 10, 2011, purchased at Fiber Gallery in Sea…