Vintage Lutterloh Sewalong

Hi friends!

I've been reading my vintage Lutterloh books with longing (except the German one... I just stare) and have even given attempt at drafting a pattern with decent result. I'd really enjoy having other people with whom I can discuss the efforts, and my friend Emily and I got talking about how this would be a fun group project.
1949 Lutterloh
The Lutterloh system is based on the golden rule-- that our body is proportionate and so the patterns draft up from a drawing based on your bust and hip measurements. I encourage you to read their information online, watch their videos, and do some google work to see how others do it. As it is, the two of us are going to give it a shot and all of you that have your own books (Lutterloh maintains copyright) are invited to join. If you feel like joining, send me your blog address and I'll link it here so we can reference who might be posting. Instagram is my favorite platform (helllooooo lazy) so I'll post there most frequently with #lutterlohalong. I'll also post the projects on the newly formed (!!!) WeSewRetro Sew & Tell facebook group!

1954 Lutterloh
Our first steps will be to draft a basic pattern to check the fit-- Lutterloh recommends first drafting the basic vest (from the more modern binder kits), then you will find what minor pattern adjustments you will need to make with every Lutterloh you will draft in the future. Such changes might include full bust adjustments, lengthen/shorten, moving darts, etc. Overall, the adjustments should be straightforward and rather minor since we are drafting to our measurements.

1954 Lutterloh
Do you have any of the vintage books? The modern ones? What has been your luck with the drafting and sewing? I think it's important to note that to use the vintage Lutterloh books one must have a basic knowledge of pattern construction and sewing techniques, plus have a few vintage sewing books to reference. The Lutterloh system includes the patterns, but no instructions, no info to where openings (zippers, clasps, etc) might go, and we're expected to draft our own facings, pockets, figure out linings, etc.

1954 Lutterloh
PS. I have a few books from the late 40's and early 50's, plus a 1970's edition with supplements, and two 1980's books-- but it's the early editions that really get me excited. I mean, look! Behold the beauty!


  1. Ohhh, exciting! I have some very old books & love the sound of your lutterohalong!

  2. I came across your blog because I am thinking of purchasing the Lutterloh pattern system. I signed up with the New Zealand site and will try the three garments provided before I make a final decision. I really need to be sure about that USD $150 before I commit to it. But it is exciting to see other people doing it.


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