Sewing Advance 9464, a vintage skirt pattern

Hi friends! Did you know this blog post has been in draft form for over a year? It turns out I had a bunch of sewing entries just waiting for pictures to publish-- not sure why I did that. Moving on...

Advance 9464
This pattern was a real delight to sew. The waist of the pattern matched my measurements but I carry a little extra something at the hips, so I graded out a couple inches at the sides. Easy-peasy. This pattern is wonderful because it uses only ONE yard of 54" fabric, which conveniently is often the width of wool. Yay! Also, extremely easy sewing since it is a front, 2 back pieces with a zipper, and a waistband.

I love sewing with wool. The stitches sink right in.
I grabbed the fabric from my stash, surely having spent no more than $5 total on the fabric. The plaid was grabbed from our local crafty reuse store, Scrap, and was old coat pieces left as scraps. I pieced together the plaid on the bias for trim, then sewed it into a tube. Pressed flat and sewn down, it worked quite well! You will see, however, that I must have stretched the trim as I was sewing since one side seems to be pulling up on the hem. The buttons are self-covered with the same scrap fabric.

Sorry for the grainy shot-- I enlarged to show the bias trim detail.
And, that's it! Wear and be happy. Sewing with vintage patterns brings me loads of joy, mostly because the design details are adorable and because I love feeling like I got a deal. This project cost under $10 total-- though next time, I'll line (maybe underline, as well) the skirt and raise the cost just a smidge.

Can you spot the St. Bernard?


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