McCall's 9682 (1969), second time around

The original skirt I made from this pattern has earned itself heavy use by being the most comfortable and stylish skirt I've vet made, so a new take on an old favorite was overdue.

I shortened the hem on this one to accommodate limited yardage (not the 1st time-- this is what I often do because I LOVE vintage fabric), and kept my original pattern mod of expanding the waistband an inch. Otherwise it's pretty much the same.

Vintage patterns really strike my fancy, especially when I find ways to honor their original intent when I create them. Like its predecessor, this skirt features a solid metal zip from the endless grab bag of goodwill reclaimed supplies. 

I finished all my edges with the serger/overlocker (thanks mom for the equipment!) and think it's more durable than the seam biding that has frayed off the edges of my other skirt.

While I originally thought this was a stiff, treated cotton it must actually be a poly/cotton blend. My iron said so. Note to self, burn test everything!

I thought I could get away without interfacing the waistband but it looked horrid, and was rather annoying to take apart after I'd topstitched. I knew better but just REALLY wanted to cheat.  I treated the skirt to a blind hem, courtesy of a simple setting on my machine and made sure to reposition those pockets that were originally sewn upside down. OOPS. Someday I'll stop making silly mistakes.

Easy peasy. A happy skirt into the rotation, though no finished product pictures. Happy sewing!


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