Dog love.

Brucey is coming home! After much time and effort and wishing and waiting, the pieces have come together and the dog I've been hoping to rescue will finally get out of his situation. Update-- HOMECOMING DATE IS JUNE 30th!!! EEEEK!!!. My landlord has agreed to let him live with me for now, and my housemate and I are looking for permanent dog-friendly housing in Portland (they're selling our current house). I've worked really hard on developing a friendly, honest relationship with the dog's owners and they've finally agreed to let him go (but of course, not without some $), and I intend to give Brucey his forever home. The last step is getting all of our needed supplies/services.

Brucey (might give him a new name since he doesn't really know his given name, Brewski...) has lived on a 6 foot chain his entire life. He will need a LOT of time, attention, love and patience while he learns manners like no jumping, and is house trained. Because of the neglect he's been dealt, Brucey will need general vet care and likely encounter some long-term issues with bones/joints/muscles resulting from his lack of exercise during the time of such rapid growth. He's only 15 months old and has plenty of time to learn how to be good, healthy dog.

On the immediate need/cost list, Brucey will be seeing a groomer (his owners don't clean up his feces), will need a GIANT crate (he's 160+ pounds, unknown for sure), will have to pay his way out of his current situation-- the terms of our agreement, will need an appropriate leash/harness system, vet care, pet deposits for our housing, toys, treats, food, serious poop bags, etc. Depending on his ability to cope with crate training while I'm at work, he may need occasional visits to doggie day care. I may need to invest in formal dog training. I definitely need some books.

If you have any of these things to share with me or would be interested in contributing a small donation to a dog love fund for Brucey, I would be immensely appreciative. And Brucey will be too. Adopting/rescuing a dog is expensive. Adopting a dog that hasn't had the care they would get from a shelter makes it even more expensive.

This little boy is about to find his forever home and my life is about to change. I've been pursuing this since February and I've finally convinced his owners to let him go. My heart is full. Cheers to the next ~10 years.


  1. My next door neighbor has this breed of dog... very friendly, or at least his is. His bark is really loud but I don't care.

    I never understood why a person would have a dog just tied up on a chain in the yard all the time. I mean, why even bother having a dog then? My parents had two dogs chained up like that but they both died when I was really young so I am not sure why they were chained all the time.

    However, it does seem most people these days know better than doing that and actually take care of their dog.

    What do you think of zoos? I never liked thinking of a wild animal in captivity. It seems sort of like a prison to me but maybe I'm missing something.


    P.S. if you want someone to donate you should post a link on how to do that...


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