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Dog love.

Brucey is coming home! After much time and effort and wishing and waiting, the pieces have come together and the dog I've been hoping to rescue will finally get out of his situation. Update-- HOMECOMING DATE IS JUNE 30th!!! EEEEK!!!. My landlord has agreed to let him live with me for now, and my housemate and I are looking for permanent dog-friendly housing in Portland (they're selling our current house). I've worked really hard on developing a friendly, honest relationship with the dog's owners and they've finally agreed to let him go (but of course, not without some $), and I intend to give Brucey his forever home. The last step is getting all of our needed supplies/services.

Brucey (might give him a new name since he doesn't really know his given name, Brewski...) has lived on a 6 foot chain his entire life. He will need a LOT of time, attention, love and patience while he learns manners like no jumping, and is house trained. Because of the neglect he's…


Sometimes it's important for me to pause.

I have food, and I'll be able to get food if I need it. This means I don't know true hunger and I'm thankful.

I have family. When I'm lonely, excited, goofy, confused, happy, have unanswered questions, or want feedback, my family is there.

I have love. Friends that care, parents that are involved even though they live 700 miles. People in my life that give honest affection, will join me on a simple walk or for tea, and sometimes tell me what I don't want to hear. That last bit can be hard but I really appreciate it.

Dogs. They're awesome.

Hobbies turned skills that are ever growing. Capable hands, how lucky!

Employment. By no means extravagant, but I'm relatively stable and this is good.

Knowledge, and access to education.

Sensory experiences. Last month I could smell the sweet flowers lining the streets of Portland. I can admire the faded colors of a vintage textile. I taste the sweet tartness of lemon juice o…