Let's call this a welcome home breakfast.

*singing* Hot cereal, yum, yum, yum. Hot cereal, you make me so happy! With your delicious bits warming my old lady tits, you make me so happy!

A bit of melted butter for extra YUM
Home-canned pears with that sugary syrup on top
Hazelnuts, chopped and dry-roasted
Coconut milk, just a drizzle, for SUPER YUM

Yum is the word of 2013. Also, look what my housemate has hanging in the kitchen. I KNOW, RIGHT?! Gurl, this is home, sweet home.

You can find a better image of that pretty print by Mimi Williams at her website.

I'm going to go dance for a second because the sun is shining and I gotta keep my spirits up while I can... there's about 27,000 hours of cleaning awaiting my hard-working hands at my last place. Weeee!


  1. Aw! Aw! This made me so happy! Welcome home, roomie!

  2. LOL! You certainly are in one almighty happy mood...it is contagious, thanks!


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