An exciting move.

Friends, the time has come again for me to relocate and I'm SO excited about the new place I'm calling home. I interrupt this moment of box packing and car loading to bring you this...

Columbia City!
I'll be living in a cute neighborhood in South Seattle, within walking distance of the lovely businesses (mmm... Tutta Bella. mmmm... Columbia City Alehouse) that make up Columbia City. I can bike/walk to light rail, walk to my friend Hanna Banana's house, and go to brunch at Geraldine's Counter. And the best part? I'm going to have an awesome housemate! Are you ready for the best roommate lost and found story ever?

In January 2012 I attended a tuna canning class hosted by Slow Food Seattle and when I was ready to blog about the fun experience some google work about other tuna canners led me to the blog post by Renai at, because she had attended the same class. Cool! But how funny and small the food world is... because I scrolled down and saw that one of her previous posts featured my marmalade! I left a comment, and soon we began an email conversation about canning and possibly meeting up for an exchange of delicious homemade goods but it simply never happened. And then we fell out of contact for exactly 361 days...

You see, I've never felt settled in my current housing situation. When I moved in here it was possibly on a temporary basis, to be discussed later about making it permanent and signing a lease, and this house served its purpose-- getting me relocated to Seattle. But I've never felt at home and -- the horror-- I haven't even canned a single batch of goodies or sewn a garment at home in over 4 months. I needed a change. I hopped on craigslist to see what the world was advertising and I came across an ad that made my little heart go pitter-patter. What's that you say? A house with fruit trees and garden space? There's a spare room that you plan to use for sewing? You love cooking? You are on the board for Slow Food Seattle? You enjoy canning? And your blog address is what?!?!!

We reconnected! We emailed! And now we're roommates. We're going to live together happily and harmoniously and our kitchen is going to knock your freakin' socks off.


2013 BABY!


  1. So very excited to hear about your new place, what a perfect fit! Perhaps I (and a tiny guest) might come visit when you're settled?!


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