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An exciting move.

Friends, the time has come again for me to relocate and I'm SO excited about the new place I'm calling home. I interrupt this moment of box packing and car loading to bring you this...

I'll be living in a cute neighborhood in South Seattle, within walking distance of the lovely businesses (mmm... Tutta Bella. mmmm... Columbia City Alehouse) that make up Columbia City. I can bike/walk to light rail, walk to my friend Hanna Banana's house, and go to brunch at Geraldine's Counter. And the best part? I'm going to have an awesome housemate! Are you ready for the best roommate lost and found story ever?

In January 2012 I attended a tuna canning class hosted by Slow Food Seattle and when I was ready to blog about the fun experience some google work about other tuna canners led me to the blog post by Renai at, because she had attended the same class. Cool! But how funny and small the food world is... because I scrolled down and saw that one of her pre…