Pause: Let's eat brunch. Aebelskivers.

Aebleskivers with powdered sugar
What a delightful breakfast, a light and fluffy pancake ball, a dough delicious and healthy. Using this aebleskiver recipe from Solvang Danish Days, I cut the entire recipe in half and substituted almond buttermilk (1 c almond milk, a tbsp-ish splash of cider vinegar) in place of cow's milk, since I never have that on hand. The half recipe made 36 small aebleskivers, 4 batches from my pan.

Aebleskivers, plain.
I invited my roommate to join in my trying a new food. Sadly, I had NO jam on hand since I've stored all my canned goods in a friend's garage for safekeeping while I'm transitory, so we ate them with powdered sugar and real maple syrup. Delicious.

Aebleskiver pan, cast iron
This beauty of a pan was one of my silly/awesome goodwill finds from my summer in Poulsbo, WA, a small town with a history of Scandinavian immigrants and traditions. I also found wooden-heeled clogs, a krumkake iron, more on that later. I gave the pan a small scrub, dried it on the gas range, and added a little butter to each spot on the pan before pouring in the batter. Following tradition, I turned the pancakes using a metal knitting needle and found it got easier with each subsequent batch. The pan became more seasoned, along with my skills.

'Twas fun. Merry Christmas! Any special treats making their way into your home right now?


  1. I've made 3 separate batches of "Matzo Crack."

  2. Kat, that looks SO good. I love smitten kitchen!

  3. also found my aebleskiver pan at the goodwill in silverdale (near poulsbo), they supplied me with most of my cast iron pans. One of my old roommates is dutch and she makes aebleskiver sometimes in the mornings. Id wake up to the smells that had wafted into my bedroom. I don't think ive ever had one hot as im not much of a morning person, but i do remember that they are yummy cold. I like them better without jam in the middle. mmmm.


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