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Almost there.

I am so close to finishing this sweater I've been knitting. SO close-- only a bit of blocking on the last two pieces and seaming (lots and lots of seaming). Hallelujah!

Pause: Let's eat brunch. Aebelskivers.

What a delightful breakfast, a light and fluffy pancake ball, a dough delicious and healthy. Using this aebleskiver recipe from Solvang Danish Days, I cut the entire recipe in half and substituted almond buttermilk (1 c almond milk, a tbsp-ish splash of cider vinegar) in place of cow's milk, since I never have that on hand. The half recipe made 36 small aebleskivers, 4 batches from my pan.

I invited my roommate to join in my trying a new food. Sadly, I had NO jam on hand since I've stored all my canned goods in a friend's garage for safekeeping while I'm transitory, so we ate them with powdered sugar and real maple syrup. Delicious.

This beauty of a pan was one of my silly/awesome goodwill finds from my summer in Poulsbo, WA, a small town with a history of Scandinavian immigrants and traditions. I also found wooden-heeled clogs, a krumkake iron, more on that later. I gave the pan a small scrub, dried it on the gas range, and added a little butter to each spot on the p…

A thrift store wedding dress, pre-restoration

While perusing the racks at my local goodwill earlier this year, I came across a number of vintage wedding dresses on display for reasonable prices. My hand and eyes have a knack for easily spotting high quality textiles, and when I saw the lace body of this dress hiding behind the gaudy sleeves and bow I knew an atrocity had been committed. THE EIGHTIES.
A peek inside the dress confirmed my suspicions. What was once a classic lace sheath dress, probably from the late 50's or early 60's judging by the label, had become a fancy costume with sleeves as heavy as an average newborn. I vowed to return this dress to its former glory and it didn't take much to remove the sleeves and bow. All that's left is hand sewing the armsceye's to finish the raw edges of the lace, underlining and lining. Some close-ups of the sleeves and their deconstruction follow.

I'm sad the dress isn't quite my size-- a few inches too large in the bust-- but I'll probably give it a g…