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Sewing: The past.

Earlier this fall I read about a costume internship with a fanciful, bawdy theater company in my city and really hoped they'd call me for an interview. We corresponded and it didn't end up working out, but through this process I found out that Seattle Central Community College has an Associate's Degree program in Apparel Design and Sewing. Intriguing!

Rewind about... 10 years. During my junior and senior years of high school I spent half of my time at the local tech college studying fashion merchandising. It was fun to be away from the high school itself and I enjoyed learning about textiles, studying fashion trends and marketing, and drawing clothing designs. As a senior project I designed and sewed eleven 1920's inspired dresses for our fall fashion show, pictured below. This project let me sample many types of sewing-- brocade, chiffon, stretch lace, fringe, eyelash fabric, knit fabric, zippers, pleats, ruching, and more. My dear mother taught me how to make satin f…

Knitting a vintage sweater: Bernat Style No. 758-66

Isn't this woman fabulous? I stumbled across Bernat Book No. 66: The Newer Look in Sweaters, Jackets and Dresses at a thrift store in the Puget Sound area and scored this sweet booklet for a mere dollar, along with a few others for the same price. The most beautiful projects are lined up, page after page, beautiful knitted and crocheted goods just begging to be made. I've slowly been adding the patterns to Ravelry so other people can appreciate them, and am inspired by the projects other knitters have completed.

Although there are projects in this book that I find far more appealing and beautiful than the pretty sweater/cardigan/jacket pictured at top, I decided to approach this one first because I had the perfect sweaters-worth of yarn in my stash for the main body, and also because I'm in dire need of a good winter sweater. My mom bought me a high quality wool sweater for my birthday in 2008 and I've worn it for days on end since then, month after month of cold wea…