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Knitting the Frejya hat

Oh the Frejya, a beauty to behold. What nice colors you have,with those nice jewel and earth tones. What scrumptious yarn you have, with your cashmere and merino blended together by Miss Debbie Bliss herself. And what love you have, with the yarn donated by a lovely friend in exchange for a hat made with love to keep her mother warm during her first winter in Seattle.

Your insane stranding on the underside of this hat acts as an extra layer of wool lining to repel the wind, and your various purl stitches placed every few rows in various positions as a bit of texture to an otherwise soft-as-a-cloud hat. Your crown is like a snowflake, heralding the first days of winter.I envy the home that soon will be yours. Happy winter to my friends!

The details of this project are on Ravelry, as is the pattern info. I found this pattern buried in the Interweave Knits fall 2009 magazine and have admired it since I bought it three years ago. Yay to finally knitting it!

PS. This is one of only two knit…