Sewing Vogue Pattern 8323, Misses' Top with Princess Seams

Copying and pasting the format from Love that site! Here's my version of V8323, a test run of my sewing skills, the pattern itself, and mostly because I wanted to use my new serger and had the needed supplies on hand. I sewed this project back at the end of July but haven't gotten around to posting until now.

Pattern Description:

MISSES’/MISSES’ PETITE TOPS: Knit tops with princess seams and stitched hems. A: sleeveless armholes with bias tape finish. B: cowl collar neckline with below elbow length sleeves. C: scoop neckline with bias tape finish.
NOTIONS: Top A, C: 1/2" Single Fold Bias Tape: 13/8 yds. for A and 1 yd. for C.
FABRICS: † Moderate Stretch Knits Only: Wool Jersey, Cotton Knits and Matte Jersey. Unsuitable for obvious diagonals. Allow extra fabric to match plaids or stripes. Use nap yardages/layouts for pile, shaded or one-way design fabrics. *with nap. **without nap.

Pattern Sizing:

Here is Vogue's measurement and size chart.

I made a size 12 which matches my full bust measurement (34) even though the better part of me said I should match my high bust measurement (32) and alter as needed. I couldn't be bothered since I'm just now learning how to alter patterns but didn't quite understand then, and the fit seemed appropriate for the envelope size. Fortunately/unfortunately, I've lost a bit of weight since sewing this garment and feel that making a size 10 and expanding to size 12 in the hip area would have made for a better fit through the shoulders and chest.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?


Were the instructions easy to follow?

Very! When they call this a Very Easy Vogue pattern, they mean it. This project took me almost as much time to cut the fabric is it did to sew. Errr, serge, because I used my overlock machine on all the seams. I cheated and used my serger for the first time since my mom gave it to me for Christmas! SO EXCITING! Worked like a charm... except when I quickly serged one of the pieces on the wrong side and then cursed the seam ripper as I took it all apart again. STUPID MANDY. Just pay attention. That was total user error.

The one issue I took with the pattern instructions was for top A, bullet 12. It states, "Turn back self facing to inside along foldline. Press shoulder seams toward back. Sew inner edge of self-facing in place, by hand." I did just this but found the facing didn't extend low enough-- when I turn/fold the collar over for regular wear the seam line and wrong side of fabric show. I'm going to rip out the hand-sewn stitches (grrr, should have checked first) and fold it farther. The directions weren't clear on how much should be folded. See the issue?

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?

I liked it all, especially the garment lines.

Fabric Used:

This bizarre thrifted cotton blend knit fabric. Seems like it might be cotton, might be poly-cotton, but I'm too lazy to do a burn test. Either way, it's comfy and soft and a bit too busy for my taste. I'm calling this the best pajama sweater I've ever made! Unfortunately, the print kind of hides the princess seams of this top.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:

I sewed version A and added the 3/4 sleeves from version B. I love the princess seams and the way they accentuate the curve of my waist, but what I don't love is the pooling of fabric at my lower back. Since cutting this project (there was a month-long delay between prep and actual sewing) I've learned more about pattern fit and alteration and know that my back is shorter than standard patterns by 1+ inch. Lesson learned. But I think it's worth noting that I'm not the only one with this fitting issue. I wondered for a minute if it was a matter of adding width in the hips but the hem line sits properly. If I lift up on the shoulders and pull toward my head, the pooled fabric at my lower back disappears. It also just kind of looks too big on top.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?

Yes and yes. Very straightforward and quick. Use your serger if you want it done even sooner!


This was a simple project that gave me a much-needed distraction and mood boost when I was feeling down. This will fondly be remembered as the rebound sweater because of the rush of excitement and happiness it gave me just a few days after a rough (aren't they all?) break-up. And finally, here's a front view with the collar folded.


  1. That is too hot to only be worn as pjs. Have I mentioned I like a lot of pattern? Don't be scared of the boldness!

  2. I really love these blouses you have been sewing. And! Your hair! SO AMAZING. So big!

  3. Love it! Love your hair as well! Wishing I had your talents. Love you!


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