Third day farming = excellent!

Or should we say eggcelent? Wouldn't you love to have some beauties like these to celebrate Easter? Why dye eggs when you can already buy them colored?

Today was the best day so far. We started the morning with regular chores (chickens, greenhouse, etc) and prepped some more rows for planting, laying the mats for groundcover and staking them down. And then magnificent sun shone its rays on us! Oh how I loathe the cold rain and appreciate the bright sun. We worked until lunch and I ate a delicious tuna sandwich (home canned tuna, green onion from the top of a rotting onion in the field we cleared yesterday, and dill pickle I canned last summer) with steamed cabbage on the side. A good meal and hot cup of tea can make a world of difference.

In the afternoon we harvested beets that had been overwintered, transplanted shallots, started clearing a corn field from last year (there's little so delightful as clearing a field and accidentally gouging your thumb into a rotting corn cob/kohlrabi/onion/beet/insert name of nasty rotted veg), and then switched tasks and seeded flats of sunflowers that are now warming and germinating in the greenhouse. We wrapped up the day by transplanting the first lettuce seedlings of the year. So exciting! I really love planting and seeding in the greenhouse was warm and earthy. And then we scrubbed the beets, bundled them and they're ready for market. As we were finishing the day the sun came out again and I was happy. I stood there with my face upturned and feeling thankful for the bit of warmth.

I love the dog here. Yesterday he was rooting around in the row next to us in a field we were clearing, digging in earnest trying to catch something. Maybe a mouse? Regardless, his barking and growling and fervent digging were too funny. Oh, and today Jen (the other intern) caught a frog and I held it for a bit before we sent it into the trees. Too much cute on this farm. And lots of laughter. I'm so happy. I ended the day feeling energized and even cooked dinner right after my bath, not waiting 2 or 3 hours to find the strength to get up.

Someday my writing will include more than just a summary of tasks but right now it's about all the brain space I can muster. All calories are being sent to other major organs and muscles for the time being...


  1. Insert name of nasty rotted veg: Potato. So gross to be digging them up, and have your hand penetrate a cold smelly potato. I feel your pain.

    -James Y.


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