Second day farming = sore

Today was awesome. We started with eggs (feeding chicks, gathering eggs, washing and putting eggs in cartons), checking the greenhouse to see what needs water, and then clearing fields. This involves rolling up the reusable mats laid between the veg rows, pulling up drip tape, and pulling the plastic that covers the veg rows. The mats and the plastic ground cover really reduce the amount of time spent on weeding (I've heard...) so before we plant any new beds we clear the old and prep for new.

Here's a picture of the onions we transplanted yesterday and today from flats that had been seeded and started in the propagation greenhouse before I arrived. A couple rows of siskiyou sweets and cipollini onions and tomorrow we'll put in some more. Lettuce comes later in the week. Weee!
 After lunch we realized about 12 crafty hens worked their way under the newly positioned fence so the farm owners tested our agility with a great chicken chase. :) There seems to be a method that I'm sure will come more easily once I'm adjusted. We moved from chicken chasing to harvesting potatoes that were overwintered which was really exciting to me. We're prepping for the first day of market this weekend!
The rest of the day included prepping rows (laying mats, staking them into the ground, moving bricks, etc) and planting more onions. Great day overall.

I'm sore. Surprise! Stretching feels so painfully good. And I'm intensely hungry. Tonight after a long bath to relax and get clean I found myself immediately climbing into bed... which I haven't left. Can someone send me some energy too cook dinner? Thanks!

PS. We're having lots of fun conversations about what may come this summer, including a potential pit roast with a pig and all. Awesome! I really enjoy spending the days with the people here. It's nice.


  1. I found the energy to make pad kee mao with tofu and vegetables. yummmm, fish sauce. ;)


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