Let's talk highs and lows in a farm day

Today was interesting. Please be warned of the description of a dead rodent at the end of this post, the ultimate low for this day.

High: Eating raisin bran for breakfast. Best part? The milk was in a glass jug (until I poured it into my bowl).
Low: Carrying sandbags from here to there and there to here. Those things are heavy!
High: Working in the greenhouse (a high tunnel) for a few hours, clearing a couple rows of spinach and arugula from the winter that had gone to seed.
Low: Carrying ~100 6 foot lengths of rebar out of the tunnel while maneuvering the plastic "doorway" at the end
High: Finding a really cute, little, green frog in the greenhouse!
Low: Not being able to catch it or take its picture.
High: Feeding those two rows of greens (~10-15 wheelbarrows full) to the chickens. It's exciting to watch them eat spinach.
Low: The strangely intoxicating combined smell of rotting chickweed, blown arugula and spinach, and chicken field. The scent was reminiscent of Hidden Valley Ranch dressing.
High: Having the dog's company on a quiet day.
Low: Quackgrass.
High: Mid-morning tea time. Must. find. energy.
Low: Mid-afternoon rain. Darn. I liked wearing normal clothes instead of goretex.
High: Another tiny egg, even smaller than this one. Apparently we've got hens laying cadbury mini eggs!

Low: Chickweed
High: Transplanting one 160 foot row of broccoli and another of cauliflower. Those two rows were subsequently lined with hoops and reemay (protection from frost and bugs). I love planting! Even in the rain... it's better than sandbags.
Low: We retrieved the needed length of reemay from a couple of rows in a different high tunnel where it was no longer being used, and at the end of the row I experienced a whole new farm shock. MUMMIFIED RAT. Apparently the rodent got wrapped up in the cloth and couldn't get out. It tried hard to chew its way out but ended up dying anyway, and when I picked up the spot right where it was laying and found its dried body crawling with red ants I nearly vomited. That thing was the size of a small brick... big. And it's red-brown tinged body was stuck pretty solid to the reemay and I really needed to get it off. Eventually I had to knock it off with my gloved hand which triggered my gag reflex. That was nasty. I heard its skin separating from its skeleton.

All in a day's work.

But we're ending it on a high note with a delicious salad of greens that we picked from our greenhouses, topped with the tuna I canned a few months ago. A side of baked sweet potato spears with rhubarb ketchup and I'm happy.

What was the biggest surprise in your day? Any dead animals? 


  1. uh... not so much on the dead animal front. love you sista.


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