Kenobi Kitty needs a new home.

Dear Friends,

I'm sad to say that I'm trying to find one of my very best friends a new home. I'm sure when you read the title of this post you all began clamoring for my kitty's love... or at least that's my dream. How could you not love and want this feline friend? A 4 year old, neutered, microchipped male, he's a great cat.

Kitty sleeps most of the time

I'm moving to a farm where 2 cats and 1 dog already reside and taking Kenobi with me isn't feasible. He's a good friend that needs a good home and I'm really hoping somebody I know can be that person. I'm going to miss him a lot... he's been my best companion.

Here's what I want you to know about him. The good first.
  1. Kitty is very affectionate and wants to be loved. He likes sitting next to me on the couch while I knit or watch netflix movies, sleeps in the nook of my arm (or between my legs, or on top of my belly, or next to my face... you get the point), and often follows me around the apartment. He likes a good neck scratch and back rub.
  2. He needs an owner that will keep him indoors because he doesn't have his front claws. He came that way when I adopted him.
  3. Kitty is good with the litter box. He's only had problems twice, both being stomach illnesses.
  4. Like most other cats, Kenobi loves to play. He likes catnip, feather on the string, bits of felted wool to bat around the house, balls, etc.
  5. Despite being a big cat (15 pounds!) he doesn't eat a ton of food. I feed him a 1/2 c in the morning and a 1/2 c at night. He's a great eater and will self-regulate his food as needed, not overeating. I've left him alone with toys, treats, a clean litter box and LOTS of food of water in bowls for (yikes, 8!) days at a time, and he's always fine. Just a little bit more affectionate and needy when I'm back.
  6. He seems a little cautious around new people but within a few hours he will be approaching your legs, lap and hands for attention.
  7. When I wake up in the morning he lays right next to me for our 5 minute morning cuddle. He really likes to smell people's morning breath, lol. Seriously, he likes to sniff my mouth in the morning.
  8. He catches bugs and eats them, except the really scary spiders. Those ones he stands next to and meows loudly until I come and get rid of them.
Kitty likes playing catch

And here are the things that I've worked around as his loving owner, and I know there must be someone out there who will love him despite these problem behaviors.

  1. Kitty has a behavior condition known as pica. The vet told me there was little I could do to deter this destructive and dangerous chewing behavior and so I've worked around it as best possible. Sadly, Kenobi has destroyed/chewed phone chargers, laptop cords, tv & wii cords, knitting needle cables, house plants, masking tape, plastic bags of every variety, ribbon, rubber bands, raw wool for spinning, etc. I've also found many of those things in his poop (don't ask about the masking tape stuck to his bum... after being digested). I love him and I want him to be healthy so I don't leave plastics sitting around any more and all of my houseplants are on top of the refrigerator. I have a small bed-side set of drawers that have a hole drilled in the back so a power strip could be put in the bottom drawer for safe-keeping of personal electronics, and I'm glad to give this to you if you adopt him. This solves most of my problems because I have few power cords and I'm hyper-aware that if I leave my laptop cord unattended then Kenobi will chew it.
  2. Since Kenobi is a long-haired, mixed-breed cat (I'm convinced he's mostly Maine Coon, what with his huge neck beard/fluff in the winter, size, and tufts of fur between his toes) his hair needs some attention. I have a brush I sometimes use but find the flea-comb is the most effective at removing extra hair. If he's not combed semi-regularly then he will develop hairballs in his digestive tract. 
  3. He will not tolerate privacy or closed doors. He slides his paw under the door and shakes the door or meows very loudly.
Kitty likes Steve Martin
 This is a bad picture but if gives you an idea of his size. All stretched out, he's the entire length of my torso. A big kitty.

Overall he's a wonderful cat, a sweet companion, and a pet that needs some special accommodation. If you are in the PNW and interested in adopting this kitty please email me... I've got a 2 week deadline. If you live in the PNW and will be driving to UT sometime in the next couple months please let me know because my sister is willing to take him if the kitty can be delivered. Payment in form of food, drink, and/or money might be a possibility if we are friends.


  1. So, so wish this were an option for me, but I just adopted a kitty two months ago and in my tiny studio it would just be too much. Hopefully the right person comes along! Best of luck.


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