Knitting: Merino/Bamboo Kerchief -- Brass & Steam

About a month ago I mentioned some delicious handspun merino/bamboo blend yarn that initially displeased me but ultimately consumed me (and my time for a short period), so here we have a quick summary of the project Bumblebee Brass & Steam. Excitingly, this is my first hand-knitted project using my hand-spun yarn. Yippee!

Using a (free!) pattern written by Orange Flowers and shared publicly on Ravelry, I cast on the Brass & Steam scarf using size 8 needles. I made a few minor mistakes due to distraction and poor counting of rows/stitches but quickly made up for it with repairs and fewer errors. :) This was a quick and easy roadtrip project that I played with on our trip last fall for a beautiful farm-stay at Monteillet Fromagerie. I don't have much to say because if you can knit, purl, and y.o. (yarn over) then this project is easy peasy. Do it if it interests you! Easily a weekend project if you're dedicated.

PS. I quit my job to be a farm intern. In about a month I'll abandon Seattle for the small, strongly Scandinavian town of Poulsbo, WA (population 9,200), where I'll live and grow organic vegetables and chase chickens through the end of the year on an awesome small farm with a strong CSA that sells regularly at area farmers markets. A new adventure and loads of excitement (and compost). I'll tell you what... farms smell like home. I interviewed at a few different places around Puget Sound and the farm I chose just felt like the right place to be, where I can feel comfortable, productive, excited and relaxed. Someday I'd like some farm experience with more animals like ducks, pigs, sheep, goats, rabbits, etc but for now this is a good start. And there are resident children, cats and a dog. Yay!

PPS. I love my life. So many great people, places, things to be thankful for.


  1. Lovely. Another, another, and another of your many skills that I admire, and hope to learn someday. Hand-spinning, dying, and knitting (currently working on). Will you be hosting couch surfers in Poulsbo? Love that you quit your job to go on an adventure!

  2. I can't wait to visit you this Summer at the farm! I'm trying to raise a farmboy over here and I could use some help. :)

  3. Your handspun is lovely. I look forward to hearing all about the farm adventures.


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