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Learning how to darn

For the past few months I've been intending to darn something-- a sock, a sweater, something knitted and in need of repair. Reason? I really value my knitted goods and believe that they should last a long, long time. If I'm going to invest hours/days/weeks/months into making an article of clothing then it's only logical that I'll repair that item when needed. Problem? I've had nothing with holes! And in steps the boyfriend with a surprising hole in one of his favorite cardigans. Yes, it's store-bought. No, we're not the throw-away kind of people. This became an opportunity for me to try and learn a skill that has largely been lost on my generation. I don't have any solid knitting reference books (note to self...) and if I searched my old needlework books I might have come up with something. Instead, Google led me to one of my favorite blogs, The Coletterie, and a post about darning. Seriously, check it out right now and my photo sequence below will make…

Washing a Romney Fleece (sheep's wool, not a sweater from a presidential hopeful)


Last weekend I attended the Madrona Fiber Arts retreat where my brain was blasted with loads of information about wool and sheep and yarn (more to come on that later. I met famous people! Well, at least famous in the knitting/spinning world), where I spied knitters of all level and obsession, and where I fiercely guarded my budgeted pocketbook. As I squeezed into vendors' booths to admire their yarn, fiber and equipment (and eavesdrop on knitters plans for the lovely stuff) I felt overcome by the urge to spend. Knowing I'm approaching poor (remember, farm internship?) I made an entire round without any purchases and just at the end I spied raw wool. My hands began to sweat with anticipation (weird, I know) as I approached Island Fibers assortment of raw fleece.

If you've never touched sheep's wool before in its natural state I encourage you to add to your life-list. There's something insanely real about losing your fingers in a greasy, smelly mass of fibers …

Knitting: Merino/Bamboo Kerchief -- Brass & Steam

About a month ago I mentioned some delicious handspun merino/bamboo blend yarn that initially displeased me but ultimately consumed me (and my time for a short period), so here we have a quick summary of the project Bumblebee Brass & Steam. Excitingly, this is my first hand-knitted project using my hand-spun yarn. Yippee!

Using a (free!) pattern written by Orange Flowers and shared publicly on Ravelry, I cast on the Brass & Steam scarf using size 8 needles. I made a few minor mistakes due to distraction and poor counting of rows/stitches but quickly made up for it with repairs and fewer errors. :) This was a quick and easy roadtrip project that I played with on our trip last fall for a beautiful farm-stay at Monteillet Fromagerie. I don't have much to say because if you can knit, purl, and y.o. (yarn over) then this project is easy peasy. Do it if it interests you! Easily a weekend project if you're dedicated.

PS. I quit my job to be a farm intern. In about a month I&#…