Canning: Whole Figs in Citrus Syrup

Back on July 17th I kicked off the canning season with a bang, putting up blueberry lime jam-turned-syrup, honey lemon lavender jelly, and preserved figs all on one eventful Sunday. The figs happened first and the recipe came from my friend's copy of The Art of Preserving (Williams-Sonoma)-- luckily for any of you interested in trying it yourself but not buying the book, they've also posted this recipe on their website! Keeping it simple, we've got sugar and citrus (both lemon and orange) and thus figs floating in delicious syrup.
Total: 4 half pints and 4 quarter pints) + a half pint of syrup

PS.Getting honest. I've got so much stuff that I've only tried about half of my preserves this year. What with the proper aging of pickles and my self-imposed regulation on bread (and thus jam), I'm making slow progress. Fear not! I've loved every little bit I've eaten so far, especially the pickles. If you care to help me with the consumption of the goods consider this your formal invitation to afternoon tea at my apartment. Please?


  1. I said it once, I'll say it twice. You are wonderfully talented, Amanda.

  2. We're still working on our zucchini relish, but it makes a popular gift. People are afraid to try it at first because of the name, when they do they can't get enough. I did the figs early this fall and they are more popular dried, but I like them!


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