2011, production efforts continued.

I hate to pick favorites from the activities I do, but canning definitely won this year because it's hard to beat delicious food and kitchen romance. Doesn't mean I entirely gave up my other endeavors... it's just that I wasn't quite as good.

Beer happened, and then I stopped for good reason.
  • There was that ginger beer homebrew turned bomb... (drank about 10 bottles, 20 down the drain)
  • Followed by an unpalatable home-brewed wormwood ale, bitter beyond reason. (30 bottles down the drain)
 So I thought knitting might be better. You be the judge.
Photos in no specific order
  • Lace sock failure (nothing gained. I tore these apart)
  • Rainbow striped knee-high socks, nearly lost into Lake Union (gifted)
  • The 18 month pair of socks, because I just couldn't motivate. (gifted)
  • I seamed the toes for my own socks, my first attempt with dpn's. Finally! 3 years in the making. 
  • The Mariner Sweater, 1/4 finished and abandoned forever. Losing 30 pounds made this project entirely over sized for me and I am determined to knit sweaters for myself before anyone else.
  • Pointelle, unfinished socks for myself, still on the first cuff. (it's getting some rest...)
  •  Mock Cable Socks (gifted)
  • The Fana Cap, a hat with color-work patterns made quickly for winter warmth, knitted to replace it's sister the Lusekofte Cap that I lost earlier this year. I wore this one 5 days and lost it too.
  • Christmas Man Socks (gifted)
  • Lady Socks, with one street-addled sock ruining its life in the gutter. (for me, knitting a 3rd sock now)
  • Bumblebee Brass and Steam shawl, my first hand spun and hand knitted item. Love it.  
I tried my hand at spinning and found that even though I enjoyed using a spindle, a spinning wheel was needed to get what I really want (hint: more wool). I also made a goal to learn more about sheep breeds and try a variety of wools. Success! Blogging about it? Not so successful though I am pleased that more time was spent in action than writing.

Photos in no specific order
And lastly, I took classes because through all of this madness I was really searching for knowledge. How can I improve my technique? How can I make the life I want? Is there a way to take this thing I do and make it more fulfilling, better quality, more interesting? I took a 4 week class on mushroom identification, a two week spinning class from the Weaving Works, spent two full days in sewing classes with my mom, and attended a day-long workshop on dying wool with mushrooms.

I am calling those 2011 goals complete. And I hereby declare 2012 to be the Year of Clothing Production (plus even more canning). Get ready.


  1. I love your wrap up! I did not realize you are in Seattle. I am in Edmonds. Looking forward to LOTS more canning adventures next year.


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