Spinning Jacob Sheep's Wool

Wool = happiness.

Many months back I sauntered on down to the Puyallup fair grounds for the Shepherd's Extravaganza, a part of the Spring Fair that celebrates wooly goodness. It may have been a tad less exciting than monster trucks and demolition derbies but it paired well with the mutton bustin' we saw. Judges rated the best fleeces and awarded corresponding ribbons, vendors sold prepared fiber and yarn of various sorts, and I ate fair food and spent my money on sheepish delights...

... such as this beautiful roving of all black jacob sheep's wool. Above you can see the wool in three different states: prepared fiber (roving in this instance), handspun singles on a bobbin from my spinning wheel, and the two-ply end product. And another view:

I've been practicing my ability to spin worsted or woolen yarns, and I'd call this a semi- worsted. The fiber is much softer than I expected from this sheep and I'm glad to be supporting the livelihood of a rare breed. Long live Jacob Sheep! This was loads of fun to spin.

3.5 skeins, total 8.5 oz, total 385 yards.

Ps. The color in the photos is off, the yarn is actually a dark chocolate brown. This might be a closer match.


  1. Beautiful! Based on your comments I am going to purchase a Jacobs raw fleece I see for sale on ebay.

  2. Queer fact about Jacob sheep. If you spin the black and the white together they gray up beautifully. They are also one of a few sheep breeds that both males and females have horns. Cool right? I did a comp paper last semester on Jacob sheep. Lol.


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