Full of thanks.

Much gratitude.
  • Relationships. With my family, friends, beau, coworkers, roommate. I feel lucky to have people in my life that share their personal knowledge, empathy, wit, compassion, generosity, patience and values-- being surrounded by good, kind people is important to me.
  • Stability. Some days I feel poor, trapped, stricken with some discontent malaise... and then I see that it's not terrible to have a home, income, routine. I'm still unsure if this is the right routine for me but I've been afforded benefits in this position of life that were previously beyond my reach. Frivolity was/is fun for a time... but eating well and going to the doctor when I want is nice too.
  • Health and sanity. Crucial.
  • Life's pleasures. Dancing. Spinning. Knitting. Food. Conversation. Inspiration. Cat companionship. Kitchen kisses. Social activities. Music. Long hot soaks in the clawfoot bathtub. Access to education (to some extent). Extended family. The beauty of my surroundings/the great outdoors. Walking to the grocery store. Bad jokes and good laughter. Romance. Wool clothing. Dreams. Freedom and choice. Honesty.
I'm lucky to have a job. I'm lucky to have a home. I'm lucky to have shelves lined with food. I'm lucky to have love, a support network, to not feel lost, forgotten or alone. 

When I see how life is a struggle for some people, that simply getting by under their circumstances can seem impossible... it gives me a sad, sober perspective that keeps me aware and gives will to pursue change, to have conversations that are hard, to keep going to work despite feeling burned out.

My life is good.


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