Canning: Pickled Green Tomatoes.

Utah is special to me and my mom's garden in Utah even more special, so when I saw the pear tomato plants hanging heavy with unused fruit back in my October visit I jumped into action. I though surely that itty bitty tomatoes, yellow pear-shaped things would be too dainty and cute to be canned-- not true! The 8 pounds of pear tomatoes turned into a lovely lemon tomato jam and an experiment of pickled proportions tried on the unripe green tomatoes. Pickles and Relishesprovided a recipe on page 106 and soon the Thanksgiving Pickles were born. 1 quart and 4 pints. Being a refrigerator pickle, the process was easy. Wash your cherry tomatoes (or other small varieties). Put them in jars with hot brine, spices, herbs and salt. Throw those babies in the refrigerator and wait 6 weeks for a tart pop of summer in your mouth, celebrating the glow of ripe fruit with Thanksgiving dinner. I'm not sure how to describe them, it's an interesting flavor. A sharp pickle, somewhat dry, and very peculiar. I've got a quart hanging in my fridge if you're in Seattle and want to come over for a taste. ;)

PS. I hope your holiday was full of thanks. I'm thankful for the delicious dinner, the chicken that graced our table, the man that shared the holiday with me, the mom that taught me to cook, the patience that I somehow mustered in waiting for these little tomato treats. I'm thankful for a lot, but especially my happiness, health and basic needs being met.


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