Home again, Home again.

A trip to Utah to see family? A list of happiness, of course.

  • Driving the back roads home from Willard.
    • Purchasing an entire *bushel* of peaches. That's roughly 50 pounds.
    • And a 1/2 bushel of tomatoes. 
  • Chickens in the yard, eggs in the basket.
  • Lots of hugs and happiness.
  • Grandparents. Old wisdom.
  • Family dinner. All my siblings, nephews, parents and even all my grandparents. 14 people full of love, shepherd's pie, hot rolls, fresh cucumber pickles and tomatoes from the garden.
  • Canning madness.
  • Table 1:
  • Table 2:
  • Jumping on the trampoline with my nephews, playing "Chicken and Bugs." One of us was the chicken chasing/jumping/eating the others (bugs).
  • The strange interactions that country living facilitates, like a meeting of neighbors in the dark when someone's cows were on the highway.
  • Road trip with parents
  • Stories of my lineage
  • Siblings.
  • Hugs.
  • Haircut.
  • Realizing that I have a place to call home in two different states.
  • Dad's humor.
  • Mom's garden. 
  • A well-stocked and generous freezer.
  • Grandma's cookies.
  • Sunday drive with mom to the chokecherry bushes.
  • Love.
Just home in general. 


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