Canning: Honey Lemon Lavender Jelly

Once upon a time I met the new guy in the office and we connected over our shared interests in food and farmstuffs, so I invited him over to put up a batch of preserves together. You might laugh that my first date with someone would be over a day of canning but I feel it's quite appropriate. :)

Honey Lemon Lavender Jelly was an easy recipe I found online after a little google search provided me with ideas to use fresh lavender. The Seattle Interbay P-Patch holds an annual sale of their lavender and I'm lucky to be within close distance, so it was easy to swing by the Ballard Farmer's market for honey and buy the sweet-smelling herb on the way home.

We used liquid pectin and it jelled nicely, though we didn't bother to strain. Also, I would recommend letting the lavender tea steep as long as possible (overnight would be good) to get the maximum flavor; mine is a little weak on the herb, a little strong on the lemon. Still very, very tasty. We doubled the recipe and ended up with 8 half pints of what is my favorite jelly I've ever tasted.


  1. I feel honored to have some of this lovely jelly! I had it on toast this morning and was scraping the bottom of the jar. It's almost gone! I'll have to try and make it myself next year.


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