Canning: Blueberry Lime Syrup/Jam {giveaway}

In canning there are two possible outcomes: Good or not quite so good. Ever an optimist, I do understand there can be bad outcomes (i.e. broken jars or botulism) but the reality is 100% of my canning experiences have been educational, rewarding, tasty and productive, if not exactly right. Sometimes things just don't turn out as planned, even with a tested recipe and the best intentions and that's okay.

Such as my Blueberry Lime Jam. No. Blueberry Lime Syrup. Well, maybe it's a sauce.

One of the ladies in my knitting group was eager to get canning experience under her belt and I was eager to jump back into action after a few months off in the late spring, so we settled on two different batches in one day. We doubled this batch (against all jam/jelly recommendations) and had fun with it, taunting her children with the goodness of the fruits we were putting up. Alas, no set was achieved in the end.

Truth is, this jam has too much sugar for my taste to keep all 5 jars so I'll probably give it away as freakin' tasty gift in small amounts, best drizzled over a waffle, pancake, scone, greek yoghurt... or an almond butter sandwich, my preferred method. Yum! On that note, I still have outstanding canning debt to a couple friends (you know who you are) and I intend to finally get those sweets in the mail. While I'm at it, maybe you want some too? Leave me comment and a way to get in touch if you're not in my circle of friends, and I'll select a couple random people once I'm back in Seattle and ready to send it out. Gotta keep my canning karma in line. Also, if you live in the Seattle area and want to do any food swaps give me a jingle.

PS. Recipe came from Ball Complete Book of Preserving, page 32. Maybe you've had (or will have) better luck with this recipe?


  1. There's a barter thing happening this Sunday. You could swap with them too.

    But I'd happily take one. I have a small applesauce you can have for a trade, or if you just want to get rid of it - by all means, I'm your girl.

    Next time we sync up at knitting perhaps? With say, my canner in tow?

  2. I think I already owe you eggs lady! Let me know when you'll be at knitting next. Or when you may pick up my canner? ;)


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