Time for an update?

Oops. A forgotten post last month.

Some (most) days I represent a stereotypical small town farm girl-- naive, bewildered and unassuming. Young and inexperienced. Rough on the edges. And some (most) days I have mixed emotions about it.

And now for a list of happiness because it's been a while:
  • I'm employed. That means I didn't get laid off!
  • Summer vegetables swimming in brine. Jars of joy!
  • Fall fruits make tasty bits of sweet summer reminiscence for dark, dreary winters.
  • Autumn wardrobe will be here soon.
  • Long hair, easy buns, simple braids.
  • Farm dreams. So many farm dreams.
  • Couchsurfers galore. New friends in faraway places.
  • Laughter all around: at work, at home, at play. Even giggles.
  • Feeling healthy.
  • Talking to mom on a regular basis. She is my best friend. Thanks for the bike shorts you made for me!
  • Dogs. Dogs are fun. Dogs are sweet. Dogs are more interactive than cats.
  • Kitty love and lotsa cuddles.
  • Meeting someone new. The rush of excitement. The ease of our interactions.
  • Sunny bike rides and sunny suntans.


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