Canning Rhubarb Ketchup and Happiness

It doesn't look pretty but is delicious! Tart, spiced, savory and sweet.

Roasted down 4.5 pounds of rhubarb with garlic and red onion, later sieving it and simmering with spices, vinegar and sugar, then bam! Flavor burst! Thanks to The River Cottage Preserves Handbookfor the tasty recipe and the reminder that ketchup isn't just for tomatoes.

  • Planning a trip home to Utah to be with my family! Can't wait. First weekend of Oct.
  • Kitty cuddles at sunrise.
  • Riding my bike to work all week.
  • Kitchen canning.
  • A sunset drive in the convertible (Sunbeam) that he rebuilt with heated seats and a wool lap blanket? Omg, yes please. He is so dreamy...
  • Pork Buns from Yummy House Bakery. They've reopened after remodeling!
  • Awesome new coworker.
  • Dog socks. Kitten Mittens. Cat hats! Narwhal shawl? Jaguar Jodhpurs? Get real Mandy.
  • Spinning yarn from Jacob sheep's wool.
  • Sitting in the grass in a backyard, literally just out the door. Not 4 stories down and across the street to a park, just a few steps and that's outside. I forgot how a house can feel like home in ways that an apartment never will.
  • I still love my siblings. And I miss them a lot. I wish I could have sleepovers and girl talk with my sister. And Sunday dinner with my family.
  • Farmers markets. Harvest Season.
  • Computer pranks at work.
  • River Cottage. The books, the show, the life. I want it all.
  • Fresh Picked Seattle. Food events around Puget Sound.
  • Sewing plans. Fabric. Thread. Buttons. Fusible Interfacing?
  • Lazy weekend mornings and sleeping in.
  • Waking before my alarm during the week.
  • Cereal. Trix are for kids!
  • Hand holding. Hands speak volumes about a person.
  • Late night knitting project for a friend's wedding gift.
  • Speaking of friends, my awesome knitting group. Loveliest ladies in town.
  • Overall happiness.


  1. Geez sister. You make my life seem so dull. But I abolutely love these happy lists. seriously.

    i can't wait to see you!!


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