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Time for an update?

Oops. A forgotten post last month.

Some (most) days I represent a stereotypical small town farm girl-- naive, bewildered and unassuming. Young and inexperienced. Rough on the edges. And some (most) days I have mixed emotions about it.

And now for a list of happiness because it's been a while:
I'm employed. That means I didn't get laid off!Summer vegetables swimming in brine. Jars of joy!Fall fruits make tasty bits of sweet summer reminiscence for dark, dreary winters.Autumn wardrobe will be here soon.Long hair, easy buns, simple braids.Farm dreams. So many farm dreams.Couchsurfers galore. New friends in faraway places.Laughter all around: at work, at home, at play. Even giggles.Feeling healthy.Talking to mom on a regular basis. She is my best friend. Thanks for the bike shorts you made for me!Dogs. Dogs are fun. Dogs are sweet. Dogs are more interactive than cats.Kitty love and lotsa cuddles.Meeting someone new. The rush of excitement. The ease of our interactions.Sunny bi…

Kitty yarn.

My relationship with naughty cat took a turn for the best and soon, if not already, I will be labeled crazy cat lady. After amassing more kitty fuzz than you want to know, I've taken the plunge into spinning cat hair into yarn. Kitty yarn! Kitten mittens!

Thanks Kenobi.