To Mom and Dad

You are awesome. Thank you for teaching me the values of our family, for raising all 5 kids with love and tenderness, for teaching me the discipline of hard work and the skill of domesticity.

To Dad: You taught me how to ride a horse, check the oil in my car, get by on little sleep, and stand up for myself. You included me in all manners of life, regardless of my sex. I have you to thank for the opportunity to see life come full circle as an animal you raised graced my plate for dinner. From you I learned the skill of shifting/floating 13 gears without the clutch in an eighteen wheeler. You have provided for our family, raised me to see the value in a day of long labor, and taught me the timeliness and appropriate use of colorful language :). You are practical and taught me to use reason when approaching big decisions. As I enter adulthood you have trusted that I would know the difference between right and wrong, and knew the mistakes I made would teach me a lesson. Thank you for the simple phone call after every heart break, the financial bail-out when I hit hard times in college, and the redneck sense of humor I seem to have inherited. Happy Father's Day.

To Mom: You taught me to create beauty with my own two hands, how to cook a meal for seven in under 30 minutes, and the art of cultivating and preserving a bounteous garden. When you first took me out to ride a bike I remember you saying to keep pedaling, just keep going, as you let go of the bike seat-- and the endless variations of those encouraging words have picked me up and brushed me off after every crash in life since then. You are sensitive, gentle, and supportive. You taught me to listen, chase my dreams, and pursue creativity. Oh, and thanks for the hot bod! You should hear the compliments I receive on these feminine curves! ;)

To both of you: You have shown us (the kids) endless examples of true love, playful romance and dedication to your relationship. I am impressed by the way you've held each other during hard times, kept the tradition of date night alone once a week, and supported each others' endeavors in life. As mom told me last week, you "fall more in love every day" and it shows. Congratulations on 29 years together! I love you. Happy Anniversary a few days late.


  1. What a lovely post. Thanks for sharing a little bit of your family warmth.


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