Ladies have fun.

This is my kind of lady, the one who climbs a fence in her dress, heels and fur-lined coat. The type who balances delicately on top of said fence post and seduces the camera by being both bold and coy in the same photograph. The one to brush off formal codes of conduct.

Meet my great-grandmother, my mom's maternal grandma, Ms. Lena Vaseline Westmoreland White. One of my heroes.


  1. Is she Russian? Both Lena and Vaselina are common Russian names. It would explain why everyone in Russia thought you were Russian when I showed them your picture!

  2. As far as I can tell in the pedigree chart she's not Russian-- but funny story, her parents wanted her to be named Lena Vaselina but the missionaries who christened her changed it to Vaseline. :)


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