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Ladies have fun.

This is my kind of lady, the one who climbs a fence in her dress, heels and fur-lined coat. The type who balances delicately on top of said fence post and seduces the camera by being both bold and coy in the same photograph. The one to brush off formal codes of conduct.

Meet my great-grandmother, my mom's maternal grandma, Ms. Lena Vaseline Westmoreland White. One of my heroes.

How to be alone

My little sister introduced me to this spoken word artist, and I especially identify with this piece today.


Looking back/forward

Some days the best you can do is admit defeat, total failure, and see where it takes you.

To Mom and Dad

You are awesome. Thank you for teaching me the values of our family, for raising all 5 kids with love and tenderness, for teaching me the discipline of hard work and the skill of domesticity.

To Dad: You taught me how to ride a horse, check the oil in my car, get by on little sleep, and stand up for myself. You included me in all manners of life, regardless of my sex. I have you to thank for the opportunity to see life come full circle as an animal you raised graced my plate for dinner. From you I learned the skill of shifting/floating 13 gears without the clutch in an eighteen wheeler. You have provided for our family, raised me to see the value in a day of long labor, and taught me the timeliness and appropriate use of colorful language :). You are practical and taught me to use reason when approaching big decisions. As I enter adulthood you have trusted that I would know the difference between right and wrong, and knew the mistakes I made would teach me a lesson. Thank you for the s…

In remembrance.

I am finally in Seattle. Three weeks in Alabama doing disaster relief after the tornadoes reached its end and I made my way to Utah for a family wedding. After the rush and whirlwind of the past month I am finally back in my own home, back in my cubicle at work, back to normal life. Can you believe I didn't step foot into my office during the month of May? That blows my mind!

Tonight I spent an amazing evening listening to live music, sounds that tickled my fancy and stimulated my senses. The Parson Red Heads had an amazing lady-drummer, a multi-tasker that played percussion, sang vocal back-up, and stepped out and played the harmonica for their final number. Then Alela Diane and the Wild Divine stepped to the stage, the wholeness of the 5 part band immediately drawing my attention into their music. I was all smiles and happy dancing and feeling good. Alela Diane has been singing in my ear for years now, crooning her sweet melodies and keeping me company with her haunting voice. T…