What day is it?

I'm losing track of the number of days I have been here and the day of the week. Apparently it's Friday, which means today is day 7. Half my time is done. Crazy. I feel like I am just getting started on the work.

Today I made a few important realizations for myself that I would like to share. The first is that I feel lucky to have been trained in casework the way I was (which I think should be the standard :)). My understanding of the importance and value of community partners and referrals is especially useful in this situation and I am glad that our chapter (especially my amazing boss-lady and amazing coworker) has taught us to spend time with clients to understand their needs. It's important to connect people with resources. The second thing I realized is that I am extremely lucky (and challenged) to watch this new model and approach we are using for integrated care be implemented. It's what we do (to a different extent/arrangement) at home so its familiar yet so new. It's pretty awesome (and crazy hard) to watch and help a disaster relief operation of this magnitude build from the ground up.

These are probably the hardest cases I will ever work in terms of household make-up, level of loss and the need for individual analysis and attention to detail. It is extremely challenging to understand and document the nuances and needs in each case. There is no "standard" case (yet?) when it comes to injuries, hospitalized clients, and/or fatalities... At least not in my realm of experience.

I am beyond tired so I am signing out without writing all that I want to. Just to remember, I feel good about being here. The clients I've met are glad we have visited them. And our work has real meaning.

PS. That Southern drawl... It sure is something. I think I could live in Alabama (if there were sidewalks and more vegetables).

Oh, and please send vibes of mental acuity this way. My brain is doing funny things where it simply goes blank. Literally, blank. This is new ... Ha. Stress reactions are so peculiar. Also, I feel pretty great all around but I am looking forward to Sunday, my day of rest. Goodnight!

Last thing, I will never turn my nose at Starbucks again. I can easily get a quick and healthy lunch there ... So important. Lean protein, vegetables and whole grain... I don't think I could find that anywhere else here!


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