Visiting home, the good list.

  • Pre-wedding sauna and massage with sister, right after getting picked up from the airport. Thanks mama!
  • Saigon Towers vietnamese beef salad (comfort food of my childhood, was next door to my mom's store for a few years).
  • Late nights hangin' with the fam, talking and laughing.
  • Driving dad's huge truck around. *giggle*
  • Gifts to my nephews. Rowdy boys.
  • A big kiss on the cheek from my daddy.
  • Shopping at Deseret Industries (found my shoes for the wedding!)
  • Feeding chickens with mom in the morning.
  • Awesome brothers. All three. So nice, helpful, loving, funny.
  • Swinging on the big ole' swing-set my grandpa built a loooong time ago.
  • Haircut from my sweet sis-in-law!
  • Mom's new fruit trees and expanded garden!
  • Being called dimples by a good family friend (long-lasting nickname from childhood).
  • All my awesome extended family. Aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents. So nice to spend a day in their company.
  • Cutest bridesmaid dress, ever. I need a fancy reason to wear it again please.
  • Late night pizza delivery for the fam after the wedding. PARTY!
  • Fun, beautiful, reverent, happy, cute, amazing wedding day of my sister. 
  • Seeing so many old family friends at the reception.
  • Meisha Meisha Meisha Meisha. I love her so much. (sister).
  • Greg and Meisha. Greg! He makes her happy. This makes me happy.
  • Hangin' in the bride's room, zipping her dress, unzipping her dress, having a heart to heart.
  • Dreaming of yurt building with mom.
  • Crepes for breakfast.
  • Nap in bro's mustang on the drive home from wedding luncheon.
  • The ladies from my mom's store who managed the reception perfectly. The ladies of my childhood!
  • Mom's homemade cheese with Sabrina's raspberry peach jam. 
  • Cotton candy machine at the wedding reception. Root beer floats. Cupcakes. Fun and tasty!
PS. There is no bad list. This has been an awesome trip home already, and I'm only 3 days in out of 8 days. I'm so glad I spent most of the time with my family-- they mean so much to me, they are fun to be around, and I love them forever!

Wait, I remember one bad thing. I have NO CLUE how computerized sewing machines work. Ha!


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