I am home, and oh the beauty of home. List of happiness ensues:
  • My very own apartment. Total freedom.
  • A fluffy loving cat.
  • Sunny Friday = crawled out of the loft window and waxed my legs on the roof, in the sun. Seattle sun. Take a moment to absorb the meaning of seattle + sun.
  • Goodwill shopping for the first time in months. New (old) sewing patterns.
  • Yarn spinning. Lots of it. Proof to come soon.
  • Being on east coast time means waking up early. I love waking up to the sunrise without an alarm.
  • Morning walks.
  • Farmers Markets. Rhubarb + asparagus = spring. Expect preserves soon.
  • Freshly vacuumed carpet.
  • Sauna at the gym.
  • Dim Sum.
  • 20 pounds down. 20 to go.
  • The River Cottage Preserves Handbook (rhubarb ketchup, yes please! Nettle pesto? Yum!)
  • Claw foot bathtub? The ultimate recliner.
  • Old western music, dueling banjos and Cat Stevens on vinyl.
  • 1/6 of my first hand-knitted sweater
  • Silence. Sweet silence.
  • Local smoked salmon. I love salmon. I want to eat salmon all the time.
  • Feeling pretty. Feeling happy. Feeling good.
  • Tea time.
  • Bonfire at the beach. Barbecue at sunset. Being asked by stoney mcstoney if I am from Narnia. Yes please!
  • Stoney McStoney was wearing overalls, rubber fishing boots, and a t-shirt that said "more fun than a dead hooker."
  • Long curls. Long dress (sewn myself).
  • My new nickname. Narnia.
  • My cat meowing strangely until I came downstairs to find him circling a hobo spider. Thanks for protecting me! I killed that spider. I also killed a moth. My two worst enemies, dead until further notice.
  • Sleep time. No schedule.
  • My little sister is getting married!
  • I am going home! I will do awesome stuff with my mom.
  • Manicure, pedicure. Say what? Holla! I stopped biting my fingernails for the first time in my life!


  1. oh. my. goodness. everything about this made ME so happy.

  2. Can't wait to see you this week! I am so glad that you are so happy. What a wonderful feeling. Love you!

  3. So nice!! I am so happy for you!

  4. If you want a mani/pedi buddy let me know. I've actually never done it before and am a little wigged out! But still want to treat myself and you know I can't reach my toes well these days...

    Loving all the happy!


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