Disaster Deployment Day 9

Dear Alabama, I thought maybe I would like to live with you someday because this is such a beautiful, sunny, humid state that has the cutest old ladies with their heavy southern drawl. But then I realized that you have deadly tornadoes and hurricanes, don't have sidewalks (which eliminates the idea of crosswalks at intersections), public transit doesn't run on Sundays, and googlemaps isn't even your friend-- they just sent me walking along an 8 lane highway, without sidewalks, to find a laundromat a mile away that doesn't exist anymore.

Today is my only day off and my clothes are dirty. The closest laundromat is nearly 7 miles away and I don't have a car. I hate the suburbs of Birmingham.

On a brighter note, I watched tv and that was mind-blowing. I'm glad I don't have that crap in my home because I'd probably never leave. On an actual brighter note, the sun is nice. And I walked to a nice grocery store and bought lots of fruits and veggies so I can make my own tasty salads and not go out to eat.

I cannot believe that nine days have passed since I left Seattle for Alabama. It's been hard to keep track of the day of the week and how long I've been here. Sunday is my day off and I'm basking in the beauty of not working.


  1. I can't believe the google map was wrong. I thought the new walking maps were very accurate. It's so cool they can do that now. Bummer you couldn't wash your clothes! It's amazing what you are doing there, I have been following you everyday. My heart really goes out to those people. It's hard enough to lose a family member when you have time to accept it and it is in a somewhat controlled environment. I can't even imagine how traumatic it would be to lose a family member in a tornado and lose more than one. Or not know where your loved ones are. My thoughts and prayers are with you and them! Love you!


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