Day 6

A quick check in.

In terms of my spirit and attitude today was the best day I have had since leaving Seattle. The hard case I worked yesterday came full circle and I found closure in the way the family was coping with their loss. I've had more hard cases. It's not easy to hear about death, or see injuries in the hospital. I understand my purpose here and today I felt fulfilled.

Now if we could just manage the pesky communication problems and different work styles within my small group...

All is well. I love the staff shelter; it is my home away from home and I will be sad when I am asked to leave and stay in Tuscaloosa for my work. As it is we have been driving back and forth so it will be nice to eliminate the commute.

Signing out,


PS. Today one of our clients that had a fatality in the family sincerely thanked us for visiting, for providing the listening ear and support during their hardship. And then I knew that this person saw the true colors of my heart. My plan worked! Just gotta keep it up...


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