March knitting: Pointelle (part1)

Dear Pointelle,

You are an utterly striking, unique beautiful lady-sock. Those sweeping lines you have, the feminine yet bold way you hug the body, they really got me excited when I first saw you! I'm a little surprised that I paid for you (Knit. Sock. Love.), picked you up, brought you home to meet my mom (who is visiting from out of state!) and expected our introductions to go well. "Going well" is an overstatement.

At this point I'm not very impressed with you. Yes, you are beautiful and have great potential but you hate my fat ankles and when you demand that I fit either size small or large I get frustrated! Why can't you just accept that I'm kind of somewhere in the middle but really I'm my own shape. I'm big on top and small on bottom (larger ankles, skinny feet) and I expected that to be ok with you but it's not. I'm going to give our relationship another try during my free time between classes at the Sewing & Stitchery Expo this weekend (yes, I will be busy for nearly 2 full days but you can wait. Don't pout), though if that doesn't go well I am ditching you and going out with your sister-socks Monkey and/or Hedera.

Please try harder. Thanks in advance,

Your friend Mandy.

PS. I think that size 2 needles for the cuff/ankle and then switching to size 1 needles for the heel flap/instep/toe should do the trick to make it fit right. My gage was big with size 2, but now that I've knitted the cuff with size 1 it's easy to see I will face a problem when I want to wear them. Frogged, will restart in the daylight.


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