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Better get busy!

I realize that I'm a bit behind schedule on my March knitting and spinning and brewing so I better get busy. I picked up a spindle two nights ago and I'd say I'm making good progress.

And the socks I initially cursed? Not so bad!

March Canning: Pickled Kale

Meet Dinosaur Kale (and Dinosaur Carson).

I came into an abundance of organic kale through a friend and as a means of somehow preserving a bit (there's no way I can eat the lot fresh before it goes bad), I did a canning experiement: Pickled Greens. I could not find any resources on canning hardy winter greens such as kale, chard, etc but it's quite possible that canning kale might result in a mushy and/or tasty mess. Right?

Starting at 10pm, Carson and I inspected the kale for any leaves that were bug infested or diseased-- and this was a most enjoyable activity. I got a good laugh when Carson told me his grandma used to challenge him and his brother to "find as many slugs in the garden" as possible. It wasn't until fairly recently that Carson realized his grandma's ploy was really a way for her to rid the garden of pests. Ha! Anyhow, then I made a potent brine with white vinegar, water, and some pickling spice I picked up from Remlinger Farms last summer (we…

Lady Friends

Five ladies, including myself, from our knitting group went gallivanting on Orcas Island for a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of the city. To summarize: Farm visit, baby lambs, knitting, roasted chicken and peanut soup, love talk, baby talk, yogurt with the fixings for dessert, hot springs, rain, tsunami advisory, laughter, feminine wisdom, farming, outdoor shower, dream family, sailboats, daughters,  more knitting, lamb sausage, yarn sample, happiness. I love the company of inspiring women.

See more of Emily's photos from our weekend away.


It's all I can do to sit here in front of the blue screen of this laptop, wasting my night away in the beautiful recesses of cooking, knitting, spinning and photography blogs. I had big plans for my evening you know, plans that involved cara cara oranges and glass jars... but I will save that for later. The sleepy bug seems to have set in.

Crimped wool, fluffy wool, long wool, curly wool. Sheep amaze me. I am participating in the Spin Doctor Wool Breeds Challenge Contest, a spin-along aiming to promote the use of wool from sheep whose populations are threatened and being watched by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy (US) and the Rare Breeds Survival Trust (UK). I ordered a rare breeds wool sampler box from the Spinning Loft and it arrived while I was knitting on the island. In the Pacific Northwest we are lucky that many farmers/ranchers are raising rare breeds so I am planning some farm visits in the near future to take some pictures and buy some wool.

Coming in the next c…

My head is spinning!

And so are my hands, at least they will be soon. What's that a picture of below you wonder, that big round wooden gadget that looks oh-so-beautiful?

That's my new spinning wheel (nevermind the current owner's garage)! It's an Ashford Traditional, single treadle, single drive. It will be in my possession within ten days; it just needs to get from Portland to Seattle so I likely will be making a trip down to pick it up. With luck on my side it turned up through a friend, and a good deal on a very gently used piece of equipment. Thanks to a sweet mom I've also signed up for a spinning class this month with Weaving Works (one of my favorite Seattle yarn stores) to familiarize myself with how to spin on the wheel. This is a big upgrade from my usual spindle spinning.

Cheers to natural fibers like wool, silk, bamboo, wool, more wool, etc. Now this means I can give my fiber-loving friends handspun yarn. Get excited, because I am!

Lots of things have been happening. My ma…

March knitting: Pointelle (part1)

Dear Pointelle,

You are an utterly striking, unique beautiful lady-sock. Those sweeping lines you have, the feminine yet bold way you hug the body, they really got me excited when I first saw you! I'm a little surprised that I paid for you (Knit. Sock. Love.), picked you up, brought you home to meet my mom (who is visiting from out of state!) and expected our introductions to go well. "Going well" is an overstatement.

At this point I'm not very impressed with you. Yes, you are beautiful and have great potential but you hate my fat ankles and when you demand that I fit either size small or large I get frustrated! Why can't you just accept that I'm kind of somewhere in the middle but really I'm my own shape. I'm big on top and small on bottom (larger ankles, skinny feet) and I expected that to be ok with you but it's not. I'm going to give our relationship another try during my free time between classes at the Sewing & Stitchery Expo this we…