St. Valentine's Challenge

On the fateful day of February 14th, also known as St. Valentines Day, two departments in our office faced head-to-head in a chocolate themed cook off. Hoping to sway the numbers in our favor I contributed three dishes: Homemade Vanilla Wafers dipped in Semi-Sweet Chocolate, topped with Orange Marmalade; Mom's Cream Cheese Cupcakes (aka blackbottom cupakes); and Vegetarian Chili con Chipotle y Chocolate.

We definitely gave the other group a run for their money but in the end our team's amazing dishes just couldn't stand up to the Steak with a sherry, balsamic and chocolate reduction, topped with blue cheese. The chef of that creation even included a vegetarian option-- same deal, portobello mushroom instead of beef. Sigh. Even one of my three votes went to that dish. I know, I know...

Talk about chocolate and sugar overload! We must have had at least 25 different dishes in the room... and I tried each one. I had a lot of fun baking and have almost recovered from the brutal defeat (as well as the sugar hangover).


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