A matter of means

Dear Universe,

Please grant me the wherewithal to have a small cottage and couple of cats, with a bit of land for sheep and chickens. I need a large garden space, some fruit and nut trees, and wouldn't mind having friendly neighbors. I am more than willing to share this dream and space with other like-minded individuals/families in cooperative manner. As they say, "Many hands make light work." This isn't a lot to ask and I will even open a savings account (and buy a lottery ticket) to facilitate your speedy response. In return I plan to buy less, make more of my own clothing and food, support genetic diversity in livestock, be kinder to the earth and continue to give back to my community.

Thanks in advance,


PS. A spinning wheel would really add to the ambience and cut production time.


  1. Can you save me the lots next your home? I completely understand, and feel the same.

  2. I'm working on holding up my part of that bargain... I've got a ways to go. But in the end I hope to have a piece of land with some chickens, a large garden, and water nearby.

  3. Dear Mandy,

    Sounds good. I'll get to work on that.

    The Universe.

    ----i imagine that is what the universe would say if it left comments on blogs.

    love you sister

  4. I'll be your neighbor! Give us five more years:)

  5. LJW, that sounds great but I have no idea who you are!

  6. *raises hand* Oh! Pick me, pick me! :)
    -P Dizzle to the fo Shizzle aka Dreamer of a House in a Meadow with a Tower and an Orchard


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